Danielides Space Science Consulting offers a broad spectrum of educational services. We are also looking to enrich our team with part-time / freelance lectures.

Lecturer (University)

Dr. Michael Danielides was teaching at universities in Finland and Germany as part-time lecturer and is dedicated to provide physic classes and coach students towards their successful thesis writing. The following topics are provided:

  • Classes starting from classical and modern physics for physics and engineering student up to space sciences and space weather classes for graduate students. 
  • Special lectures on space sciences (especially ionospheric physics, space weather, and radio wave propagation in Earth upper atmosphere).

Lecturer/Coach (adult education)

Interesting science lectures for adults are a must in our curriculum. At community colleges of Greifswald town, Anklam town and Demmin town we offer evening classes on astronomy, math, physics and on the legendary micro-PC Raspberry PI starting since fall 2013.

Planetarium & Observatory guide

Danielides Space Science Consulting has made it one goal to preserve and activate a cultural jewel - the planetarium with observatory of Demmin town - in the near environment of the companies headquarters. We offer guided planetarium and observatory sessions on demand (for groups only!).

To find our more, please email Michael Danielides.