Science & Project Work

At present Danielides Space Science Consulting is involved with the following projects:

  • Space Weather studies (Space Weather Monitoring Station (SWMS) DE-17129
  • (un)official ISWI actions - Germany
  • InFlaMo - Project (VLF radio wave propagation studies and detection of solar X-ray flares via sudden ionospheric disturbances)
  • Dark-sky community network developments
  • Ionospheric effects at high latitudes (aurora studies, physical modeling, case studies, GNSS and transionospheric disturbances)

A comprehensive list of Michael Danielides publications (refereed, non-refereed, as well as papers and presentations at scientific meetings and assemblies) can be found below:

Past science projects & grants, with Dr. Danielides involvement for other organizations or institutes are listed beneath in following order: i) project name, ii) duration or year, iii) organization or institute, and Dr. Danielides involvement within the project.
  • Aurora Turbulence II Sounding Rocket Experiment
  • Finnish EISCAT campains during the years 1998 and 2005
  • Annual grant from the Finnish Akademy of Sciences and Letters in 2001 for Auroral fine-structure studies
  • EU LEADER Tähtitorni-Project
  • NASA Living With the Star grant NNG05GM42G
  • GIVE-EISCAT campaign
  • ESA-ARTES 5.2 Programm
  • SIMONE-Project
  • EU-ESPAS project
  • EU-MONITOR project
  • SWACI project
  • GEISHA-EISCAT campaign

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