Danielides Space Science Consulting is dedicated to helping companies, administrators, communities, scientists and educators as well as students succeed. The services offered are mainly, but not exclusively of the following:
  • Space physics (near Earth space environment) and related sciences
  • Consulting space weather and climate change related tasks
  • Physical modeling (e.g. MHD, thermal and fluid models)
  • Satellite navigation and communication related issues
  • University and college level physics classes on demand
  • Astronomy outreach at Demmin observatory with Planetarium
  • Mobile planetarium at schools in northern Germany
  • Young scientist coaching
  • K-12 science education (e.g. afternoon classes in mathematics, chemestry and physics)
Today, Dr. Danielides - the owner of Danielides Space Science Consulting - is working on ionospheric studies, as a lecturer in science , as a consultant to various industry partners, as well as a writer and reviewer for science articles. He is available to consult on your space science projects at any stage of the process — from pre-proposal to somewhere within the project, and he is happy to do so. He is able to teach K-12, university, departmental, or industry groups the art of space science without demanding them to become 'rocket scientists'.

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