Michael Danielides has been active in space science since 1997, when he joined as a graduate student the space physics group at Oulu University - Finland. One of the most important reasons for that was the desire to understand the physics behind some of the most spectacular phenomena of space physics - the aurora borealis.
Since then Danielides' research work was focused on space and especially ionospheric physics. For his auroral fine structure studies  he became an expert in both ground (optical and radar measurements) as well as space in-situ (sounding rocket and satellite) experiment. During a two year post-doctoral visit at the University of Fairbanks Alaska - USA. which was funded by NASA's Living with a Star program, he strengthen his abilities in modeling of ionospheric processes related to the auroral phenomena and continued multi-instrument studies of small-scale auroral structures with a stronger emphasis on magnetospheric-ionospheric coupling plasma processes. Later he utilized his physical modeling skills at the German Aerospace Center while analyzing data of high latitude ionospheric phenomena and their disturbances on GNSS radio communication. For this also ionospheric heating experiments (artificial HF heating) at the EISCAT facilities in Norway were performed together with GNSS/EISCAT measurements.

Besides major projects he was responsible for various smaller science projects related to ionospheric disturbance (SID) monitoring and the development of advanced broadband SID monitors. This laid the foundation for the InFlaMo Project as whose lead scientist Dr. Danielides serves today.

Industry / Community

For industry and communities Michael Danielides' work was related to project managing and project acquisition. He was involved in projects such as ESA SSA SN-1, ESA ARTES Programs, the EU FP-7 ESPAS infrastructure project (+ Steering Board Committee) as WP lead or as project lead of the industrial partner he represented in that time. That was mainly the German Aerospace Center. Within ESA SSA SN-1 he served till spring 2013 as head of the expert service center ionosphere. He also was managing development projects (EU-LEADER) for the Siikalatvan R&D Centre in Finland.

Working for partners who have high requirements in quality management  (e.g. ISO 9001 and ESA ECTS Standards) is common practice even though Danielides Space and Science Consulting is not certified yet. That includes support for quality management audits to keep up these standard levels.

At IABG mbH (which operates the German space test center) he was developing new space test-standards, planning and developing space simulation division specific know-how as well as setting up, increasing and maintaining a know-how data base. That involved support of the technical and scientific development of thermal-vacuum facilities (application of the Fibre-Bragg grating method), space test simulation set-ups, facility components as well as development of mathematical thermal-models (utilizing Multiphysics and ESA TAN & RAD software) for thermal-vacuum chambers and ambient pressure chambers.


Michael Danielides has become an experienced educator during several years of teaching and supervising laboratory works and exercises as well as lecturing assistant in experimental physics. The teaching was done on demand in Finnish or English. Also the opportunity of lecturing at national and international summer schools, the Carl Cranz Gesellschaft as well as supervising student graduation thesis' enhanced his teaching abilities. He served as a part-time lecturer for physics at the Munich University of Applied Sciences and later at the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences.
He was and is active in scientific outreach activities, which involved judging at science fares, providing planetarium and observatory tours for the public, K-12 curriculum advisor, LOC work for the yearly DLR e.V. – Huntsville University Space Science Summer Camp as well as being the national representative for Germany of the International Space Weather Initiative from 2012 til 2016.
Today he is CEO of one of the leading tutoring colleges - the EduTreff UG - in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Find more experiences at de.linkedin.com/in/danielides/.